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Everything within high pressure or industrial cleaning

Our mission and vision

No matter what your request is in the field of high pressure water jetting and industrial cleaning. Our skilled staff, experts and organisation are completely committed to this mission. Wherever you are, whatever challenge you have or how quickly you need it, you can contact us. We offer you everything you need in the field of high-pressure cleaning.

DERC Adviesgroep

Innovation as Core

Passion for the high pressure water jetting technology defines the core of our DNA. Innovation is our driving force. We are fascinated by developing and engineering new technical solutions and services and our engineers are continuously searching for the latest technological solutions and services. In our courses we bring you up to date with the latest innovations in the high pressure water jetting technology.

Safety first

We strive to promote knowledge and improve quality and safety within our field. We think that simply knowing the rules is not enough. Working safely starts with knowing and recognizing the risks and then applying the rules. Knowing why is crucial, because if you don’t know what the rules are for, then you are less motivated to apply them.

In short: safety first.

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